Radiant Gillian Anderson
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With this I complete the captures of season 1 of X-Files. Enjoy the last 6 episodes in our gallery!

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This week episode of Hannibal featured our Gillian, criptically in the dark and mysterious. Enjoy the over 100 HD screencaptures from the episode titled Contorno.

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As the enigmatic Bedelia Du Maurier on NBC’s “Hannibal,” Gillian Anderson has the opportunity to play a character almost as fascinating as the titular cannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) himself, a woman who seemingly vacillates between accomplice, captive and enabler for her companion’s unusual urges depending on the day. As the two cut an increasingly bloody and reckless swath through Europe, they will once again draw the attention of many potential friends and foes in season three, including Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne).

Variety spoke to Anderson about Bedelia’s plans, “Hannibal” creator Bryan Fuller’s wicked dialogue, and how her character feels about the lingering influence of Will in Dr. Lecter’s life.

One of the things I most appreciate about Bedelia as a character is that you’re never quite sure where her loyalties lie, or how much she truly trusts Hannibal at any given moment. Obviously her internal workings are left purposefully opaque for the viewer so that she remains deliciously inscrutable, but from a technical perspective, when you approach her scenes, what would you say is motivating her on this journey with Hannibal?

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Fans of The X-Files remember Dana Scully as an intellectually rigorous, science-minded investigator of the supernatural possibilities, skeptical (aliens? proof please!) yet open-minded about far-out possibilities (including God), and passionate about truth, justice and the man with whom she shared an intimate rapport on multiple levels. So much to discuss about what’s inside the mind and heart of this extraordinary and complex woman – and yet what fans really want to talk about  right now is what’s on top of her head. Because fans also remember Scully for her red hair, yet the pictures they’ve been seeing so far from the set of the event series revival of the seminal sci-fi series show a Scully that is more strawberry blonde. They’ve been equally fixated on the fact that the actress who plays Scully, Gillian Anderson, is wearing a wig instead of dying her hair. Such is the fraught reality of being a pop culture icon. Love ya, Scully! Don’t ever change, Scully. DON’T. EVER. CHANGE.

Anderson is aware of the scuttlebutt about the hue of Scully’s locks and her choice to wear a wig, and she admits that it makes her want to pull her hair out just a tiny bit. “There’s a big dialogue about my f—ing hair,” she says with a laugh and sigh. “We shot in downtown Vancouver on our second day during the lunch hour, and there were 9,500 people sitting around on their phones taking pictures and videotaping us, and someone Tweeted a close-up of the net of my wig. ‘She’s wearing a wig!’ … I appreciate their enthusiasm, but goodness me!”

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Entertainment Weekly July 3rd issue covered with the new X-Files. Enjoy the digital HQ scans in our gallery!

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Magazine Scans > Scans From 2015 > Entertainment Weekly (USA) – July 3

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EW released some images from the new X-Files. Take a look!

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