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Claudia on February 27th, 2015   0

This sunday episode of Top Gear features Gillian. I’ve added to the gallery a preview from it with stills. Enjoy!

Gallery link:
Talk Shows & Interviews > From 2015 > 22×06 – Top Gear (Stills)

Claudia on February 25th, 2015   0

Gillian Anderson and Jim Broadbent have joined the cast of TV drama “War and Peace,” which is being produced by the BBC, alongside the Weinstein Company, BBC Worldwide and Lookout Point.

Principal photography has started on Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic novel, which is being filmed on location in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. The miniseries, which is being told across six one-hour episodes, is being directed by Tom Harper (“Woman in Black: Angel of Death”).

Also joining the cast are Rebecca Front (“The Thick of It,” “Lewis”), Kenneth Cranham (“In the Flesh,” “37 Days”), Aneurin Barnard (“Cilla,” “We’ll Take Manhattan”), Tuppence Middleton (“The Imitation Game”), Callum Turner (“Leaving,” “Queen and Country”), Jessie Buckley (“Endeavour”), Brian Cox (“The Game,” “Shetland”) and Ken Stott (“The Hobbit,” “The Missing”).

Previously announced thesps includes Paul Dano, Lily James, James Norton, Stephen Rea, Ade Edmondson and Greta Scacchi.


Claudia on February 23rd, 2015   0

First photos of Gillian during last night after party organized by Elton John have been added to the gallery. Hopefully I’ll add more in the following times.

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > Events From 2015 > February 22: 23rd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Claudia on February 11th, 2015   Comments Off

The star chatted to us about The X Files, returning to Miss Havisham and leaping on top of Paolo Nutini

Hot off the heels of her prequel to A Streetcar Named Desire, Gillian Anderson popped by Guardian HQ to answer your questions. Here’s what we learned:

Claudia on February 9th, 2015   Comments Off

She found fame in The X-Files but is most proud of her roles in The Fall and A Streetcar Named Desire. She talks about turning from an obnoxious teenage punk into a control freak – and why many actors are too scared to come out.

Gillian Anderson sweeps in to the room, a tiny, mighty force. She asks for a coffee, spots the fat-free milk and gives a look that would stop a grizzly in its tracks. “Fully skimmed milk!” she spits with contempt. “If they don’t have full fat, then I’ll take semi.” She looks at me. “The amount of times it goes wrong. I just say: ‘May I please have cold, fat whole milk?’ If people were just …” She struggles for the word. “Perfect.” She’s laughing, but you sense she means it. The fierceness is for real.

It’s been more than 20 years since Anderson first made her name in The X-Files, investigating the paranormal. As FBI special agent Dana Scully she was a starchy sceptic, unfashionably attired and blow-dried to within an inch of her life. She definitely had something about her. In 1996, she was voted the sexiest woman in the world by readers of FHM. She gave nine years of her life to the show, which ended in 2002, plus two full-length feature films. Since then she has diversified, starring in a series of classy literary adaptations – haunted as society beauty Lady Dedlock in Bleak House, heartbreaking as the ruined Lily Bart in The House of Mirth, spooky as Miss Havisham in the BBC’s Great Expectations, and grotesque as Victorian madame Mrs Castaway in The Crimson Petal and The White. Recently, the 46-year-old has enjoyed two of her greatest successes – as stony-faced superintendent Stella Gibson in TV murder drama The Fall, and on stage as Blanche in a feted Young Vic revival of Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire.

Claudia on February 8th, 2015   Comments Off

The gallery was updated with few HQ images of Gillian attending the Pre-BAFTA Dinner organized by Charles Finch and Chanel. Enjoy!

Gallery link:
Public Appearances > Events From 2015 > February 7: Charles Finch And CHANEL Pre-BAFTA Dinner

Claudia on February 4th, 2015   Comments Off

I’ve added tons of new/old shoots and switched many to higher quality. Enjoy them in gallery!

Gallery links:
Studio Photoshoots > From 2002 > Session 001
Studio Photoshoots > From 2004 > Session 001
Studio Photoshoots > From 2005 > Session 001
Studio Photoshoots > From 2008 > Session 003
Studio Photoshoots > From 2008 > Session 004
Studio Photoshoots > From 2010 > Session 004
Studio Photoshoots > From 2011 > Session 005
Studio Photoshoots > From 2011 > Session 006
Studio Photoshoots > From 2012 > Session 003
Studio Photoshoots > From 2012 > Session 004
Studio Photoshoots > From 2014 > Session 008

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